Rii Wireless Mini Keyboard Is An Example Of A Futuristic Device

Technology is making things so damn simple, flexible and compact that now a day you can carry a computer in your armpit and roam around. Although I know there are many more sophisticated ideas of carrying devices which give a computer like features, how nice it would have had been if we could carry such devices in our pockets! I know, if it was even 5-10 years back, this idea would have had seemed absurd but right now, I guess the world is currently in such a state that it can make anything. Here is one of the examples of today’s techno level. This is “Rii Wireless Mini Keyboard with touchpad and laser pointer”.

Rii Wireless mini keyboard with laser pointer3

Not only its small size but the killer features which blend with it is the main reason of its hype. 69 keys along with a touchpad and a laser pointer have been fitted perfectly into a tiny size of 151x59x13mm. Its wireless features makes it even better as it enables PC Multi-media working and you can even make your day exciting by playing games in it.

Wireless mini keyboard with laser pointer2

The stunning bright LED backlights makes it look even killer and increases it aesthetic property. Its standby time ranges from 500-700 hours, thanks to the lithium-ion battery. It supports window 7/ Vista/ XP/ 2000/, Linux.

Wireless mini keyboard with laser pointer1

This one device proves it that big things come in small packages and I am sure, its going to be really useful for almost everyone and especially for conference, presentation and lecturing. This excellent device with a stylish look and compact features comes with a price tag of $92 and I guess it’s worth it.

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Via: GeekAlerts

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