RoboToast – Your Futuristic Cyborg Toaster Err.. Police Cop

Robots are no longer confined to your TV screens or the movies. Nowadays, we are actually surrounded by robots in all fields of life, not to mention the latest addition to this list, the RoboCop-RoboToaster, your futuristic cyborg toasting solution.RoboToast

We all remember one of the most famous cyborgs on screen, RoboCop, the ultimate Police Cop of the future, the inspiration to all of them who wanted to become more like him. I was a great fan of RoboCop too, but one thing that has always bothered me was ‘why the hell did RoboCop have two big slots for his eyes?’; instead they should have given him bionic eyes. But after having a look at this cool artistic rendering of the Futuristic Toaster, I realized that the answer to my question was lying on the kitchen table all along!

Anyway, I hope that the future cops do not end up like this cool dude over here. I mean, who on earth would like to work for the police force and wear a helmet that toasts bread and even has a timer knob on it? But surely I would like to thank the creator of this sketch for finally helping me solve one of the biggest mysteries related to RoboCop.

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via:[Cargo Collective]

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