Sanyo Eneloop Music Booster Provides a Portable Power Source

While not a die-hard musician myself, I have been around enough of them to know that they are always looking for more juice. More amps, recorders, sound effects, all of these are a welcome addition to any musical group. Such power isn’t always available, of course, but thanks to this Sanyo Eneloop music booster, you can have an energy source to supply even the most powerful music instruments and devices.

The Eneloop is water resistant and provides 9V DC of power via two 9V outlets. Practicality was the main focus of the device, and it shows in the design. Rather than having to unplug all of your appliances, for example, you can turn them all off with the flick of a switch. Sanyo has also designed the Eneloop to provide consistent and stable power so that your musical performances will sound as great as they should. The Eneloop also features a maximum of 2000mA on one outlet or 1000mA if you happen to need both.

Recharge time is fairly quick, with the high capacity lithium ion battery charging back up in roughly 3.5 hours. This little music booster will also last 50 hours with an analog effects unit, 27 hours for a digital effects unit, 7 hours with a multi-track recorder, or 2 hours with an electronic drum machine. Not a bad amount of functionality for $150. Unfortunately you’ll also need to shell out an additional $26 USD for shipping.

If you are looking for ways to power your other devices, we have you covered there, too. You can jump start your car no matter what the weather conditions with this Glove Box Battery Jumper from Hammacher Schlememr, for example. If your super new smartphone seems to be eating up battery power like it is going out of style, consider picking up this portable USB power supply.

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