Shaira DAB Radio Design: the Sound of Future

Whether it’s the beautifully designed Water Sommelier which shows the true value of water or its an electric personal grooming which is here to give your beard trimming a stylish touch, This Finnish designer Laurent Hongisto has always shown the beautiful side of extraordinary designs mostly geeky and this one the Shaira DAB Radio is the latest geeky which is not only technologically modern with the current year but is even made aesthetically awesome too.

Shaira DAB Radio

This new and beautiful designed Shaira Radio which is not only digitally upgraded than a normal radio but its looks are absolutely killer with functions which even a small kid can handle so easily as there are four buttons to set the frequency and tune it perfectly and to control the volume according to the environment.

Shaira DAB Radio

Be careful with the volume if you are going to play in a noise pollution free zone because its speakers are going to blow up your ear drums if played in a full volume. Along with all these things, its has been aesthetically made keeping the designs glowing with purplish color of light below the screen in particular places with the complete black panel which matches with the rusted metallic raw untreated steel made rear side to give a tougher looks of the radio and the front LED screen   allowing everything to perfectly blend with the concept of this radio. This one is sure to blow your mind off once it comes in the market.

Shaira DAB Radio

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