Silence your Mobile Phone with Phonekerchief

How would you react when you are in the middle of an important conversation and your mobile starts ringing? It would naturally leave a negative impact on the other person or the listener. But with the introduction of Phonekerchief you won’t have to worry much. PhonekerchiefPhonekerchief is a simple handkerchief, the aim of which is to block cell phone signals. All you have to do is just wrap your phone around and signal would be blocked automatically.

It has been seen if you are unable to switch off your mobile phone during important meetings and conversations, it would show that you haven’t got the required etiquette. Moreover, this would also signal the other person that you aren’t a serious listener but a casual person. Sometimes you are aware about these etiquettes of switching off your mobile during conversations and meetings, but it could happen that you unintentionally forgot to switch off the mobile what would happen? It is here Phonekerchief comes into the picture and costs so low around $15 per piece. Through Phonekerchief, you can prove to your friends and colleagues that you care for them, and has immense time for them.

Moreover, while putting the mobile into your upper pocket, words like “My phone is off for you” would be revealed clearly to a person you are in conversation with, as these words have been embroidered on the handkerchief. But some people might think that it would be odd to display such words in your pocket as if it will depict a cheap gimmick. Why not just intentionally switch off the mobile or wrap through Phonekerchief. Other reputable products you may like to try include The Multipurpose Kitchen Laptop Stand and  The Play By Play Announcing Scoreboard.


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