4 Silly Men Summer Gadgets

Yes it’s hot! Summer makes us come up with wired solutions to keep us cool. I’m sorry guys, but to be honest only men will even consider to buy one of these summer gadgets. Some might be more reasonable them other but all of them are kinda silly and I’m not 100% that they will actually do the job, but I could be wrong.

Check out our 5 silly summer gadget picks and please let us know in the comment section below if you would buy them.

1. USB Powered Cooling Strap For Summer

This USB cooling unit pumps and blows cold air using your PC to a hose that you’re supposed to place inside your shoes which suppose to keep your shoes cooler and sweat free. Retails for $25 .

2. Neck Air Conditioner A.K.A Coolware

This personal miniature air conditioner will strap to your neck and will cool it. All you need to do it to fill the device with water and turn it on.  The Coolware runs on a single AA battery and works in up to 70% humidity. Retails for $50.

3. Ice Cube Vest

I think that the only explanation to buy this vest is for people with jobs in the heat, but if you work indoors you might need to reconsider before rocking this cooling vest. Retails for $64.16

 4.Bed Fan

This powerful dual fan moves up to 680 feet of air per minute, dispersing built-up body heat under the sheets so you will be cool. Retails for $99.

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