Skateboard and Bicycle Come Together with Skatecycle

With rising oil prices and the damaging environmental impact of polluting, fossil fuel powered vehicles, time has now probably come to shift to modes of transport that do not leave behind a carbon footprint.

In the past few decades, there has been a constant effort to switch our fuel-centric engines to renewable sources of energy such as solar energy and water.


There have also been constant cries from environmentalists to abandon the car completely as a mode of transport and alternatively choose cycles. Asian countries like China and some European nations have been using cycles as a mass mode of transport.

At an international design convention held recently, a product that has earned the nickname, ‘the next generation cycle’, won a lot of praise and the award for design excellence. Titled ‘Skatecycle’, the skateboard-inspired roller could very well become the next mode of daily travel.

Skatecycle 2

At first glance, the Skatecycle resembles magnified handcuffs: two circles held together by a flexible, interlinked chain. Like a pair of handcuffs, the Skatecycle has two 9-inch polyurethane wheels that are held together by a double-jointed, flexible axle that twists and turns. Slip resistant footboards bordered by a circular grip sit on top of the wheels.

The wheels of the new age Skatecycle have been modeled closely on its older cousin: the cycle. The wheels run through the entire circular grip providing added speed.

Skatecycle 3

Skatecycle not only impresses with its physics, the design aesthetic is pleasing to the eye too. The wheels, axle and footboard are in black while the frame of the skateboard-inspired product is colored white.

The roller integrates new age physics with old school design. No wonder it has found a permanent place in the Henry Ford Museum.

The Skatecycle is as easy to use as the skateboard and does not require any of the balancing skills a two-wheeler would require. First, place your feet firmly inside the circular grip. The slip resistant footboard would ensure that once your feet are placed on them, it would not slip out. Once your feet are firmly placed, the Skatecycle wheels into motion by twisting the flexible axle with your ankles and hips. Thought it may seem a little awkward at first, the new age roller is extremely easy to ride and maneuver.

Skatecycle 4

The Skatecycle, with its cool design, could very well replace the skateboard as the new icon of rebel attitude.

If you wish to make an attitude statement, the Skatecycle is available for pre-order at the

If you are eager to know more about such concepts, check out Jaguar Motorcycle Design.

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