See the Marvel of Slingshot Monkey When It Screams

If you are having a crazy idea today, why not take the assistance of Slingshot Flying Monkey? This 100% lead-free product is safe for kids who wish to have the company of this awesome product.Flingshot Monkey

The good part of Flingshot Monkey is it flies with a scream. All you have to do is pull him back and see the wonder monkey flying with great speed and hitting your aim correctly. It is not an outrageous thing to do when you are in jovial mood, but of course your colleague should also be in good mood when he/she would be hit warmly by the flying monkey. Having a look at this soft, pretty funny monkey, I am sure everybody would love to take it home for their over 4 years and up kids. Kids would simply love this exceptional product when it screams.

Slingshot flying monkey works his job quiet easily. All you have to do is put your two fingers in the hand pockets and pull back. Now, see the marvel how the monkey flies in the air hitting its target softly with a scream. To give you more confidence and joy every time you shoot him, you get two loud monkey calls as a bonus. If you are targeting long distances, all you have to do is use his elastic arms and just relax to see the prodigy in the air. After purchasing the product, don’t forget to remove the white tabs so that monkey could scream or you would be missing the best thing about it. The monkey comes in Black, Blue, and Red, and can be purchased for $6.95.

The Flingshot monkey which is 11” tall also screams when jolted. If you just wish to see how this monkey stretches out his flexible body, just pull it; but don’t ape the monkey at your home with the help of your colleagues, or you would land with broken ribs at a hospital near you.

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