Socialize with Gorillatorch Switchback

Joby is known for introducing vast array of designs in the past, the latest being the hands-free torch line-up- the Gorillatorch Switchback. The product has the potential to be used as a headlamp.Switchback

A lantern to light a vast area, no hassles involved. It has also the capability to illuminate tents of at least eight persons and can also be easily adjusted so as to provide multiple brightness with 5, 20, 80, and 130 lumen settings, even though there is no risk involved burning down your tent.

Such is the velocity of the product, its beam can go up to 23 meters and its battery life is around 72 hours. Switchback can simply be called a three-in-one-solution as it uses one LED light array viz, both LED lantern, and a headlamp, besides the lamp stand doubles as a camera tripod. Switchback also contains an adjustable dimmer switch and is water resistant with a rating of IPX-4 and it uses 2xAA batteries. Switchback could be a smart choice for your camping, climbing, or backpacking exploits. The product weighs just 8.8 ounces and has a price tag of $59.95 .

According to Forrest Baringer-Jones, CEO of Joby, there intention of coming out with this special product of Switchback was to encourage strong social interaction on the lines of the campfire. Jones divulged they had to do a lot of deep research before coming out with this product.  They took the needs and desires of skiing, surfing, climbing guides, as well as backpackers, all of these people inspired us to come out with a lightweight headlamp which utilizes the same LED lighting engine. After having a look at its ergonomic design, you would come to know it has rugged yet sleek exteriors and has a flexible stand which comes with a bonus adapter clip to be used as camera tripod. Other similar products you may like to appreciate include The Oskar Humidifier and  Table Top fire place .

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