Solar Strap Uses Sun’s Energy to Charge Camera Batteries

Solar energy is fast becoming an alternate and a more environment friendly source of energy.  Solar technology is slowly seeping into our lives with houses, cars and offices, making it a part of our everyday routine. As global warming becomes the number one concern, harnessing alternate sources of energy is the only means of bringing the world closer to nature.

We often wonder that after solar powered cars, houses, wristwatches, cooking appliances, what’s next. And we are always pleasantly surprised. The newest thing on the solar block that has surprised and impressed everyone is the Solar Camera Strap, a wide camera strap which has thin and flexible solar films across it. The strap is connected firmly into the camera with the help of small clasps at both ends and also had the DC out point which can be plugged into the camera.

Solar Strap 1

The idea behind this strap is quite simple; harnessing solar energy while you are out in the field taking snapshots. While hanging the camera around the neck with the help of the Solar Camera Strap, the device cleverly charges the solar cells on the solar panel. The solar energy is stored in the battery present at both the ends of the strap and this energy is then used by the camera to function, so that your camera gets recharged; thanks to the Solar Strap when you are busy clicking away pictures.

Solar Strap 2

This also means no running out of battery while you are taking photos and no recharging the batteries when getting home. It also eliminates the use of lithium and Nickel-Cadmium batteries which can be harmful to the environment. And because you have your batteries around your neck, you don’t need to carry them separately with your camera, thus reducing your load.

Solar Strap 3

Solar Camera Strap is not just an effective way of using environment friendly source of energy; its clever design makes it all the more easier for the user to utilize this energy. In times when Mother Earth seems to be suffering from the hangover of technological boom, even small things like a Solar Strap seem like a big idea to save the eroding environment.

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