Solio – A Fantastic Solar Charger that Stores Energy!

Okay so there are times when we feel that the solar-powered chargers are not that good. I don’t blame you, they actually aren’t good enough to be bought. But, this Solio charger changes the world of solar chargers…

It is actually one solar charger that’s not only efficient at what it does but is also pretty stylish. You won’t feel inferior by charging your devices with this one, trust me.

The good part is that you don’t need to worry about your cellphone’s battery dying once you have this charger. Whether you are hiking or you are in the middle of the sea, this charger will charge your devices within minutes. Best of all – it’s extremely stylish and well designed. As soon as you start using it, your friends would know that it’s a hi-tech device. All you need to do is unfold the blades and the solar panels will suck in energy from the sun and charge your devices. They claim that it can charge more than 3200 hundred devices worldwide. Well, I am not sure of that but by looking at the device I can say that it would be able to do it.

Here is a list of the specifications and the functions of the Solio Charger:

– Can charge around 3200 devices (not at once of course but is capable of doing so).

– Can store power for a year. Isn’t that great? That’s in fact more than just ‘great’. I think that’s the first and the only device that can do that.

– You can charge it through the sun, USB port, or even from a wall charger. This means you are not just dependable on solar energy.

– It does not overcharge. It automatically stops charging once the device is charged up completely.

– The lithium ion battery integrated in it is the 1650 one.

– Has three highly efficient solar cells.

– Has a cool multi function LED start button.

– It is available for $59.95 which I think is pretty reasonable. You don’t get such solar chargers everyday!

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