Silver Space Invaders Pendant

I am not sure if anyone is not familiar with the Space Invaders video game that was so popular back in the 80’s and is making a successful return as a trendy fashion item. In addition to the many Space Invaders accessories already out, a new Space Invaders Pendant is released…to help with a little retro Bling Bling.

space invaders pendant

This cool Space Invaders necklace is Silver toned and measures at 1″ high and 1″ across. Along with the 20″ chain attached, it is definitely old vintage Bling Bling that many gamers would love to wear around their neck. Even more, it shows your loyalty to old school video games, even though new and better graphics are already available.

The Space Invaders pendant costs only $36.99 at and could be yours to profess your love to the little 8 Bit Aliens we grew up on.

space invaders necklace

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