With Spy Cam Car Key Fob Camera You Can Drive Your Car & Video Record Together

If you are attached with any type of investigation agencies then you must have to be powered with your spy devices and among them this “Spy Cam Car Key Fob Camera” can be the best one. You can use it keeping yourself outside of any doubt that you are taking their photographs or video clips as documentary evidences. Even you can use this camera whether it’s your child speaking for the first time or your friend falling down in a funny manner or a bird feeding its chicks, such videos with all original impressions too speaks very loudly as nobody recognize the camera and pose with originality.

Spycam Car Key Fob Camera

This is the latest and a very innovative type of camera where the lens has been fitted inside a body with a shape of a common car key remote fob. It even works like a spy cam and no one will even have an idea that it’s not just a car key but a secret camera has been installed in it.

Spycam Car Key Fob Camera 1

Its best feature is that it has a Built-in 4 GB memory allowing up to 4 hours of video recording. Its USB connection and AVI format makes it very easy to get back the videos in your computer and show them to the world. You can even capture still photos with it.

Spycam Car Key Fob Camera 2

This multi-tasking car key’s functions opening a car door and taking excellent quality videos and photos gives an example of how easy things can be made with an innovative thinking. If you want to bring home this excellent device, you will have to pay $59.99.

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