Strong Surveillance Will Protect Your Home With This SRV 1 Blackfin Mobile Robot

After the success of the Mars Mission, People started wondering that “won’t it be cool if there was something which could survey our house too?” And this is what they came up with. This extra-mini Rover is just the best thing for your house as its small size gives it the advantage of surveying your house thoroughly. I know this one looks like a Jeep has been modified by fitting it on those tank like treads but whatever, this device is just killer.

SRV1 Blackfin Mobile Robot

This is just the small replica of SRV 1 Mobile Robot used in the Mars mission with a 1000 MIPS 500 MHz Blackfin BF537 processor along with a mini video camera. Because of its tank like treads in the wheel gives it the flexibility to move on any zigzag place.  It can be interfaces with your remote PC wirelessly using wi-fi technologies. You can be anywhere in the world but can keep a vigil of your house hold for every moment through your computer as the host software has built in web server and video archiving.

SRV1 Blackfin Mobile Robot 1

This strong Machined Aluminum chassis mobile robot also can be controlled via web browser with live video feed, even you can send your voice instruction to it also via console software or web browser. This security robot is fully programmable for autonomous operation. Don’t worry if you have any problem in the software then you can get instant support as it’s operated through the 3rd party applications too.

SRV1 Blackfin Mobile Robot 2

The wireless remote control or viewing upto 100m indoors and 1000m outdoors on straight line of sight. The camera used here is Omnivision OV9655 with 160×128 megapixels to 1280×1024 resolutions along with Lantronix Matchport 802.11 b/g wi-fi radio which gives you the perfect picture along with clear sound. It has very strong 2 laser pointers sensors along with various 12C Sensors too and runs also first with a speed of 20 cm -40 cm per second and can be powered by 7.2 V 2 AH Li-poly battery packs and to get a full charge it requires 4 hours.

This SRV 1 Robot comes fully assembled with a price tag of $495.99 along with Set Up instructions. You can see some more such security gadget like G182 Robot Vacuum Cleaner and Shirt Pocket Digital Projector , which are also good.

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