SRV-1 Blackfin Mobile Surveillance Robot

You remember the Rover? The Mobile Robot used in the recent mission to mars land to find whether there is any life out there or is there any hope for the future generation of man kind to go and stay there without the space suit or oxygen cylinders. Rovers were completely successful to provide each related information’s.

SRV 1 Mobile Robot

The same way, here is the SRV-1 Blackfin Mobile Surveillance Robot, which is not actually the replica of the one used in mars but this one is no less efficient. If you planned to play hide and seek with your friends or any one else and feeling like cheating a bit, then this one is the perfect device to help you on your mission to find out where your friends are hiding.

SRV 1 Mobile Robot 1

Actually not only for playing but for finding any thing or if you want to discover any thing specifically, which you lost then also this palm sized robot is there. Even it can help you to spying on others or keep guard your house when you are out.

SRV 1 Mobile Robot 5

With a tank like treads at 1000MIPS of 500MHz Black fin BF537 processor with a mini video camera, its 802.11b/g wi-fi allows the SRV 1 robot to interface wireless with a remote PC.

SRV 1 Mobile Robot 2

It has a Java-based console software with a built-in web server to monitor allowing you to control the SRV-1 from anywhere in the world through web browser. You can also get video feeds as scheduled basis. Weighting only 350gms and with dimensions 120mm L x 100mm W x 80mm H, its video range is upto 1000m line-of site and travels at a speed of 20-40 cm per sec. It’s available with a price tag of $495.99. Even all other set up and detail product information’s are also available at site.

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