Stackable Battery Packs: Power-up Anywhere

Modern life requires us to do extensive use of our gadgets, and technology, and as such, we all need to have the means to recharge whenever we need to. That’s exactly what this stackable battery pack does.

Exogear has worked for a while trying to create a new power system that will prolong a gadget’s battery life indefinitely. as long as you’re carrying enough backups. This is the $90 Exovolt Plus, a gadget that contains a 5,200mA lithium polymer battery, powerful enough to recharge an iPad off of it. And just in case you need more juice, all you have to do is plug in one of the $50 sub-units with the same 5,200mA battery, but without the USB port. This means, as long as you have enough units, you could have unlimited power, the only limit being how many of them you can carry. Hmmm. Someone pass me my biggest backpack!

Source: Gizmodo

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