This Delicious Star Destroyer Cake Is Amazing!

I bet everyone definitely remembers the warship powerful enough to destroy the entire star systems, yes you guessed it right, the Star Destroyer from the amazing Star Wars series and debbiedoescakes recreated the Star Destroyer in the form of a wedding cake, detailing it to the perfection!


This Star Destroyer has a shape same as that of the Star Destroyer from the movie series and is grayish in color to give it a realistic touch; certainly no one would be able to predict that it’s a delicious cake unless one hints about it or one just cuts and eats it. The cake serves for about one hundred people and to give shape to a cake of this size, the creator took around 4 hours while for the actual decoration, perfect intricate detailing for curves and shapes it took her around 11 hours. The Cake is not only up to the mark in its design but also in it’s yummy taste and it definitely forms an ideal cake to surprise kids on their birthday parties or in one’s wedding; it would be very interesting to see what would be the theme related to this cake on the auspicious day of wedding!

Star-Fleet-Destroyer cake

Now that you have your Star Destroyer Cake, you can take on Darth Maul Cake or the Jango Fett Helmet Cake.

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