Star Trek Enterprise USB Webcam

Here is a new device addition for the die hard Star Trek fans who have been trying to collect each and every star trek item available in this planet earth since last 50 years, whether it’s only for doing showoff or even if it plays a very important role in our daily life. This is the new Star Trek USB Webcam which is an excellent and stylish way of talking to your friend over internet. Set up for 720p, you can mount is on your desktop screen as it comes with a bendable gooseneck.

Star Trek Webcam 3

This insignia has a sticker underneath it along with an USB, allowing you to plug it in your computer. The big advantage of this device is that you just have to plug it in to play this replica Enterprise NCC – 1701 designed web camera with nacelles which gives us signals that whether the device is working or not by lighting up.

Star Trek Webcam 2

Even you don’t need to load any driver to run it. The lens has capacity to snap 30 frames per second with 300 K pixel and you can use any type of chat mode like Skype, AIM, MSN, iChat etc. It’s compatible with Window XP, Vista, Mac too and available with 4 feet of USB extension cable.

Star Trek Webcam

Being the most recent contribution to the Star Trek family, Dream Cheeky have done a wonderful work in designing this beauty and launching it and I bet that J.J. Abrams who had created Star Trek movie will be really pleased and happy to see these gadget which have  been made after getting inspired by it. Its available with a price tag of $22.99.

Star Trek Webcam 1

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