Star Wars Themed Playing Cards for Geeks to Obsess Over

Its unbelievable luck for the Star Wars lovers like us when we found these incredible Star Wars themed Playing cards consist of all heroes and villains along with all memorable moments of star wars movie.

Star Wars Playing Cards 1

It’s really a brilliant way to garnish your poker room. The true lovers of Star wars now don’t need the video games or chess, now the time has come to break out with the star wars playing card, it can be poker, Auction bridge, Chinese bray or Flash and  if you don’t know such games then just play on the basis of the star Wars character based games and if you are alone then just play patience and lost in the dream of Star Wars, just imagine that Darth Vader is “A of Spade “ card and R2 D2 is “Spade 3” card, so you don’t need to know any specific card game to play these cards. I am sure these classic images and characters will definite to satisfy and craft playing your preferred game more amusing, ideal travel games and hiding in your desk drawer.

Star Wars Playing Cards 2

The cards which are included are the Empire strikes back 30th Anniversary Edition deck and Star Wars Posters Deck. Empire Strike back deck features 55 unforgettable moments from the star wars film of all different countries and the Posters Deck include of 55 cards with images of our favorites Star Wars characters Hero and villains. It’s really a nice and great buy for star wars fans. Both decks are illustrated nicely and are a collectors dream both sealed and new in their original box pack. This both the packets are available with a price tag of $9.99.

Star Wars Playing Cards 3

If you want to see some more such games you can see Star Wars Chess Set or Star Wars stormtroopers Cufflinks .

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