Mysterious Status Watch Reveals Time in Bar

If you were looking for a really modernist watch that also showed people that you are completely different from the rest of them, you must check out this foreign watch, whose name I am quite not sure of.


The German blog talks about “three minutes and forty seconds” and it is not clear if that is what the watch shows, and that certainly shouldn’t be the case if you asked me. This minimalist gadget works as a watch and also a time bar. The hour bar and the minute bar reveal the time and they can be easily worn around the wrist by buckling in.

Apparently, the mysterious watch seems to talk about relativity of time and the paradox of time and space. While most of us do understand that we are all locked in time and space, this gadget may serve the purpose of reminding us that though we may be locked in time, and in space, we still have the freedom to live the way we want to, and make the best use of the time we have.

Unfortunately, the site does not reveal any other information about this really cool looking gadget, which I would die to get for myself. You could also check out a less mysterious and less ambiguous watch like the Poptone Puzzle Watch if the one I just wrote about confused you a lot.

Via: Dialog 05

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