Steampunk Cufflinks Vintage Elgin 1950’s Mechanical Watch Parts

Now, this is what we call truly outstanding! These cufflinks can add a bit of vintage steam to your attire. Based on the vintage Elgin mechanical watch parts that were created back in the 1950s, this set of cufflinks is entirely unique.

Of course most of us won’t like wearing them to formal functions, but if you are a fan of steampunk accessories, then why not? You can tell the world how much you miss those old days when everything was so fascinating.

Both of the cufflinks are more or less the same. One has 21 jewels on it, and the other has 17 jewels. That’s not a mistake, in fact, that’s the beauty of these cufflinks. Both of them are not totally identical. There is a bit of flavor, which would make people check out both of your cufflinks, not just one. You can tell them – ‘hey this one is different from the other one!’.

I agree these cufflinks don’t look chic, but if you have missed out the current trend of going all steampunk, then you should take a look into it. Believe it or not, today nearly every other fashion accessory we see has the steampunk look to it. Well of course everyone loves going old school and steampunk is one flavor of it. Imagine wearing an old school long coat over pencil fit pants and shirts with broad collars and cuffs. Wouldn’t you want to add these cufflinks to it? For sure everyone would. It would just make your attire look more up to the theme.

There are times when you get to see steampunk cufflinks but aren’t like these. They are just normal cufflinks topped with some steampunk stuff giving it a ‘steampunk look’. But are they worth it? For sure no! If you really want to have a pair of good steampunk cufflinks then, these are for you. You don’t really have to wear them everywhere but you can keep them for special occasions where you can make everyone go all ‘wow’!

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