Secret Santa is a Steampunk Fortune Teller

This 5” Tompop Secret Santa is one hell of a art piece of Doctor A whom I really admire for his creations, be it painting, sculptures or wooden artifacts etc. and this Steampunk Fortune teller Machine a real choice of geeks is

Steampunk Fortune Teller

another example of masterpiece of this rocking artist who not only works with his full creativity but his creativity knows no bounds even if its a two dimensional creation or a three dimensional masterpiece with paper, plastic or even wood and day by day  constantly improving to get the appreciation of crowd.

Steampunk Fortune Teller

This is one of his creations and along with being quite genuine and it’s quite out of this world like as it’s a replica of a cute little outer spaced alien with a small body but a big head with big ears, long tongue and round eyes. Alien or not, this is one cutie pie whom no one can avoid keeping at their places because of its cute and innocent looks especially with its tongue as fortune description sheet and along with that, you will have your own daily family fortune teller (someone whom we visit at least once a week or two) who can be helpful during your daily routine like if you are stuck at some decision or you want to know what would be the best for you that day or you may think of your dream to be fulfilled and by this way it help us to avoid mistakes.

Steampunk Fortune Teller's Predictions

It’s a perfect gift or an artifact for your home, coping with your house’s aesthetic needs and by being helpful, which you can keep with yourselves for years to come by spending around $1000 at Tomopop.

Steampunk Fortune Teller

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