Steampunk Gas Mask Ensures A Safe Passage Through A Troubled Future

Imagine this, the year is 2053 and the world has fallen into chaos the environment is practically dead and poisonous gases fill the air; those few lucky enough to survive have to fight over the traces of resources available to them. Now in this kind of a situation you’ll need a gas mask that can keep you breathing  and that would also take a few blows; and if this time does arrive then the Steampunk Gasmask is the one for you.

Steampunk helmet 1

The manner in which the mask was designed gives it a very intimidating look perfectly suiting the theme of a bleak future or maybe making it some sort of life giving gadget of a mad scientist. Even though it has been given a crude look the materials and the build quality it top of the line stuff; the mask itself is assembled by hand which could be the reason for the solid build quality. But the features that really stand out on this design are the air filter on the left-hand side of the mask and the ‘beaten up’ steel look which really accentuates the theme of the mask.Steampunk helmet 5

$39.99 seems to be a reasonable price for this kind and quality of mask which would definitely turn heads at your next costume party. But if  your fantasy future includes battling with aliens then you should probably celebrate with this Jango Fett Star Wars Helmet Cake.

Steampunk helmet 3

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