36 Cube Takes Sudoku to a Whole New Dimension

There are generally two emotions that puzzle games can stir in the average individual. The first comes from the sense of accomplishment derived when you complete a puzzle. It challenged your brain and you came out clean on the other side right? The other, more unfortunate one, is when the puzzle manages to best you. You can stare at it all you want, and try a whole slew of approaches, but in the end you’re just left with anger and frustration. This 36 Cube, which plays like a 3D version of Sudoku, would probably fall into that latter category.

The concept here is fairly straightforward. The 36 cube is constructed of what looks like a city skyline, and there are 36 colored towers. The towers are broken down into six different colors and heights as well. As the potential puzzle solver, you need place al of the towers onto the base in order to form a level cube with each of the six colors appearing once in each row and column. Much like a game of Sudoku, you will probably think you have this whole thing figured out until you get to the last 2 or 3 towers and realize that you have done something wrong. Can your super-nerd brain handle the trials and tribulations of 36 cube? Probably not. Still, at a price of only $17.99, it might be worth a shot anyway.

If you are looking for some more puzzle fun, you have come to the right place! Just in time for the Winter season we have the Ice Cubes Rubik’s Cube game. Alternatively, you can waste away the hours with these weird Magnetic Bucky Balls. Just looking at the various shapes and sculptures you can make out of them makes my eyes glaze over a little. Unfortunately, I actually have to get back to work, instead.

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