Super Mario Bros. 3 Racoon Mario Rug

One of the best things about Super Mario Bros. 3 was the Tanooki suit that transformed Mario into a Racoon and also allowed him to fly, so when I saw this amazing Racoon Mario rug…I was flying with excitement.

racoon mario crochet art

Handmade by EnemyAirShip, this beautiful Mario Racoon rug is 7×7 ft and is made like the 8Bit Mario we remember when growing up. It was created as a birthday present and is made of 360 separate squares that represent 1 pixel each.

super mario granny squares

She explains the process of the outstanding work:

I finished him [Racoon Mario] in 15 days (approx. 120hrs put in)! It took 13 days to complete all the individual granny squares, then 2 days to sew them all together. I made an Excel spreadsheet with columns and formulas detailing the number of granny squares needed for each color, then used this to track my daily progress (like a true geek, haha) and motivate me to keep out-doing myself.

It should also be added that she learned how to crochet by watching YouTube videos alone, and began only in February…so that is some quick learning.

What a wonderful creation and result!

super mario bros 3 racoon crochet art

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