Swash Dry-Cleaning Machine Belongs in Your Bedroom

Procter & Gamble and Whirlpool collaborated on a unique dry-cleaning machine that could fit perfectly in any man’s closet.

If you wear shirts and business suits on a daily basis, then you know that you need to take them to the laundry quite often. Wouldn’t it be far more convenient to own a dry-cleaning machine at home? And not in the bathroom, where most such appliances find their place, but in the bedroom, right near the closet. Procter & Gamble, the manufacturer of the Tide detergent and other cleaning agents, has teamed up with white goods manufacturer Whirlpool to bring you such a device in the form of the Swash dry-cleaning machine.

“We started to think about this thing as absolutely, in no way looking like a laundry machine,” explains Pat Schiavone, Whirlpool’s Vice President of Design. “In fact, we started to think about it in a completely different way: Could we make this look like a piece of expensive modern furniture?”

And expensive it looks! Swash could easily find its way into high-end hotels, but that doesn’t mean that you’re not allowed to buy one and place it in your bedroom. As you will see in the following video, it’s incredibly easy to use. First, you place the shirt or suit on the adjustable hanger. To make sure there won’t be any wrinkles at the end of the dry-cleaning process, you need to pull the fabric tight and attach the smoothing clips. The upper side of the slider includes a container for the Swash pad. Slide everything in and set the timer using the frontal knob. Two programs are available, one that finishes cleaning in 10, and another one that gets the job done in 15 minutes.

Swash first eliminates the odors, and then uses heat to help with the wrinkles. The Swash PODs themselves are not that expensive, a pack of 12 bring you down by $7. Considering how the Swash dry-cleaning machine works, you might be led to believe that it’s very expensive. The $500 price may hence surprise you, and even though it may seem as a big investment, it’s clear that in the long run you’ll actually save money by buying yourself a Swash. Think of all the water you’ll be able to save!

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