Tamiya: A Transforming Business Card

There are the normal corporate business cards, and there are the OMGW (oh my God wow!) business cards.

If you are a corporate executive or run your own shop, you would have exchanged and accepted numerous business cards at seminars, trade exhibitions, corporate events, and so on and so forth.

This writer once had the privilege to receive a very interesting business card. The card had only a logo and contact details of the person. The logo defined the personality of the person who gave it to me.

A business card, in many ways, is like your own personal advert. It could immediately impress the receiver and leave a lasting impression, or, just be one among the thousands. Japanese model kit-maker, Tamiya, has designed a biz card that falls in the OMGW category and will leave you gleaming like a child.

Tamiya has designed a biz card that can transform into a plane, car, or ship. Oh my God wow!

The biz card is a regular square-shaped card, with stenciled letters and numbers that can be conveniently plucked from the card to form a plane, car, or ship.

The Tamiya Biz card can contain the name of the person, the name of the company, and the contact number. A radical feature of this card is that, below the person’s info, the Japanese biz card contains instructions on how to assemble your plane, car, or ship from the visiting card.

Think about it: You’re at a corporate event and exchanging cards with other executives. You receive a business card from one executive; you receive it with a smile. In turn, you give the executive your uber-cool stencilled, Japanese designed calling card. The executive stares at it, and then a wide smile breaks across his face.

What you may not realize is that with the Tamiya transformer biz card you are not just giving another person a biz card. You are giving him a toy. And no matter how old we get, a toy always brings a smile on our face.

Tamiya is a reputed brand among the niche hobbyist segment, and has a reputation for producing models of Grade A quality and microscopic artistic precision.

This would tell you that apart from being a fun and cool, the Tamiya biz card is a high quality product as well. If you are looking to leave your own unique impression, then check out the Tamiya biz card.

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Via: Gizmodo

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