Cool Tetris Game Blocks Made Into Salt Shaker and Pepper Grinder

Would you like some Salt and Pepper on your Tetris? I know many that would, especially when the Salt shaker and Pepper grinder are made to look like the Tetris blocks, becoming amazing Kitchen Gadgets.

tetris salt and pepper grinder

Geeks around the world would not just dream of Tetris, but now also have it in front of them when eating their daily meals thanks to the creative display of Tetris by ThinkChildThink.

If you are a parent of a Gaming teen, I guess there is no better way to try and trick your children to come to the dinner table. Just tell them that one of the most popular video game of all time, next to Space Invaders and more old school games, is joining the meal and could help build their appetitie.

Great conceptual design made functional that combines the popular Tetris game in a very practical way.

tetris game blocks salt pepper

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