Giant Tetris Wall Graphics Light Up Any Room

Ask the average person what their favorite retro game is from the original NES system, and Tetris will invariably come up. The game has gone through many iterations, from console to console, but most long time gamers have a special place for the simple puzzle game. In that vein, you can decorate any room with Tetris swag thanks to these giant Tetris wall graphics, which provide you with all of the favorite blocks from the game and let you build, destroy, and rearrange as much as you like.

The peel and play artwork can be removed and re-stuck to most surfaces up to 100 times. I would like to put that statement to the test, so if you’re a numbers guy or girl, feel free to let me know if the adhesive lasts exactly 100 stickings before dying off. Wall clings are an easy, cheap, and clever way to decorate game rooms, and you can have the Tetris theme song playing in the background as you put them up. The wall clings will also not damage surfaces, so you can feel safe throwing up a Tetris board on your dorm wall or apartment. Each square is high resolution black, gray, or white, and depending on how extensive you want to get, you could set up some seriously large games of Tetris. At a reasonable price of $34.99, even a casual fan could find a palce to put some Tetris blocks.

If you want to express your Tetris fandom in other ways, Gadgethim has run some pieces on some great Tetris swag. If you want to learn to be frugal while playing your favorite game, consider the Tetris Piggy Bank. If you fancy yourself a hardcore Tetris fan, then you can try and convince your spouse to go with a Tetris wedding cake. My wife is a pretty big fan of Tetris, but I don’t think I would have been able to convince her of this one.

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