The Tetris Wedding Cake Effect

When I thinks of a wedding cake the picture that comes to my mind is of a three tier cake with pale frosting and filigree work on it, and definitely not a Tetris pattern. Although I guess it is not so surprising considering Tetris is probably one of the most popular games ever, being played by everyone from the little kid next door to my mom. Its simple and yet lots of fun, and thus has fans of all ages.

tetris wedding cake

Although it looks all fun, it is most definitely not one of the best Wedding made cakes in terms of the finishing. The colors, despite being very Tetris, in this case are a little too bright and make the cake look almost like plastic. Having said all that, it is a cake, and probably tastes amazing, and one would definitely think a minute about which color you want to try eating.

You are bound to remember this cake for long time to come, for both its very different design and its bright colours which caught your eye in the first place.

Flickr Via: GadgetHer

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