The Texas Hold ‘Em Video Tournament Table To Feel You In Las Vegas

Poker has always been an addictive game and as the reach of Internet is in almost every house, nowadays even kids enjoy harmless poker. I bet you will be shocked to hear that People have been enjoying poker since 900 AD. Chinese Emperor Mu Tsung had introduced ‘domino cards’ a game which is believed to be the oldest form of poker. There are many other theories like the Indian card game ‘Ganjifa’ and the Germany game ‘Pochspiel’ have been believed to be poker’s ancestors. One of the best poker games- Texas Holem pokers also joined the party a century back, but it wasn’t until the 1970 World Series of Poker Tournament which made the game so famous that today, it is one of the most played game all over the world. To give a better taste of Texas Hold’em poker, here is “The Texas Hold ‘Em Video Tournament Table” which will give you a real life experience of Poker without going to Las Vegas.

Texas Hold Em Video Tournament Table

This table is enough wide to accommodate eight players at a time with a size of 42” H x 25 1/3” W x 42 ¾’ L and a weight of around 200 lbs. The tabletop’s 26” LCD Monitor re-establish the facade of any real casino poker table. The chips can be heaped a side and push into concern pots, a touch screen mode help to toss the cards on to the table at the end, the color resolution is about 1366 x 768 pixels.

Texas Hold Em Video Tournament Table 1

Is maintained the specific Arcade style which allowed to automatic shuffles and deals the cards, even the each player can see their winning percentage chance and award pots from that specific deal to decide further to go ahead with the bid. Every players can start begin up to 30,000 chips and blind call increases in every seventh hand automatically. It gives complete feelings of the game as you play in a casino that every gambler can see their hole card at control panel and can flip over the corner to see the card discreetly view their hand at the touch of a button. The integrated memory stores also allow it to store up to 15 players match victory.

This much authentic poker board available with $6,500 can be a great gift for your loved ones or you can put it at your drawing room to play with your friends at your leisure or in party time.

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