Thanko Obento – The USB Heated Lunch Box

Preparing nutritious, delicious, and super cool lunch boxes is an important part of the popular Japanese food culture; but no matter how great your culinary skills are, any sort of delicacy tastes best when served hot (except for desserts). And in today’s super fast lives that we live, it’s only a fantasy; but wait, the Thanko Obento USB Heated Lunch Box might just be a lifesaver.Thanko USB Heated Lunch Box1

Nowadays, it’s really hard to get a piping hot meal served at your office table unless and until it’s been ordered from the nearby roadside restaurant. Also, our lunch boxes are not thermally insulated enough, and most of all our lunch breaks are so short that we cannot find time to even heat our food in a microwave! The answer to all these woes is the cool new USB Heated lunch box, which evenly heats your food from all sides, something that is so practical and compact that you’ll be surprised at its performance. Thanko USB Heated Lunch Box2

Imagine, everyday you can just get to your office and plug in your lunch box to your computer and freely carry on with your work while your food remains as fresh and warm as it was when you prepared it earlier that morning. Selling for just $44, it’s a lifesaver for most of the working folk out there. You can also have a look at some of the other cool stuff like the Modern Fireplace or the Doctor Who TARDIS Mug

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