The Air Trekker Jumping Stilts M90 Pro Cuff

For those who love the thrill of adventure and go high on a heavy dose of adrenaline rush, a pair of Air Trekker Jumping Stilts M90 Pro Cuff is the right gadget for them. Imagine being able to jump to a height of ten feet!

The air trekker jumping stilts has strong but lightweight aluminum frames which are very easy to fit into. The technology that makes it work is in fact quite simple – it works mainly by means of compression and deflection very similar to that of a trampoline. The spring accumulates stores and returns the amount of energy exerted into it. As you press harder, the higher you rise to greater heights.

The Air trekker jumping stilts come in varied sizes, so you need to be sure as to which model you choose for your specific size and weight. Have hours of fun jumping and soaring high with the Air trekker jumping stilts – you just need to follow the instructions laid down in the product manual.

The Air trekker jumping stilts has the following unique features. It has a professional grade design; you can jump up to ten feet high using these air trekking stilts. For those of you who love speed, you can easily cover up to twenty miles per hour using these Air trekker stilts. Whet your adventurous streak by performing any air trick you wish with these Air trekking jumping stilts.

Air trekker jumping stilts provide you with hours of fun and even fitness for the whole family. Based on your age, height, weight and over all physical condition and fitness, you can avail of the models that best suit you and have thrilling fun jumping up and down to your heart’s content. These Air trekker jumping stilts M90 pro cuff are spring loaded and of top quality. They are fitted with wide, durable Velcro straps which provide instant snug and secure feeling around the legs.  This permits for all persons of any size or shape to have a custom tight fit.

The Air trekker jumping stilts are just the right gadget for all those who want it light and tight. It comes with replacement foot pads too. The latest manufacturing technology used in these Pro cuff Air trekker stilts delivers the safest and most durable carbon fiber springs on the globe.

Skate boarders, roller bladders, BMX riders, surfers and all extreme sport geeks who crave the adrenaline rush, will love this Pro cuff Air trekker jumping stilts.

Once you get on to the stilts, you elevate yourself to eighteen inches above the ground and can run at incredible speeds, and jump high above the ground! You are given guidelines on how to use these Pro cuff Air trekker jumping stilts and also tips on how to avoid the risk of unlikely injury.

If you are used to jogging and jumping, the Air trekker jumping stilts greatly enhance your abilities and you find yourself emulating tricks depicted usually in comic books and channels. Quickly grab a pair for your youngster at home and one for yourself. Enjoy an adventurous day out or week-end, jumping and soaring high!

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