The Award Winning Fuel Cell Experiment Car

Toys are getting better day by day. The new toys that are coming up offer children a way of improving their intellect. One such toy is this fuel car that you are seeing in the picture below.

It won the Parent’s Choice Gold Award because of its usefulness. The cool part about it is that it is fun yet something from which children can learn a lot.

What is it about?

Basically this package is an experiment kit that allows children to build their very own hydrogen powered zero emission cars. Now, children learn how to discover fuel cells simply by playing with the set. Isn’t that awesome? I wish we had one such thing back in our childhood days. If we had learned to discover fuel cells too, we would have been using hydrogen cars by now. Anyways, now we know that the future is bright and once you buy this, you will see your child building up the future. Yup, that’s right! He will be learning how to build up zero emission hydrogen cars so imagine when he grows up, he for sure would be able to build real time zero emission cars.

The kit has solar panels and a proton exchange membrane fuel cells that are capable of separating water into hydrogen and oxygen electrolysis. The result? Once both the cells are separated, the car is powered on from the energy created. It truly is that simple in reality as well and your child can pick it up within no time. Maybe, initially you would have to teach him to do so but all is fair when the future is bright. Besides, you will learn something too along with your kid.

The kit also comes with a display stand with rollers. This stand allows the car to work at the place for proof of the concept. Also, the car can be released on the floor or on the table to run on its power. The kit is available for $149.95 and is preferred for ages above 10. It requires two AA batteries and all the other parts are available with the kit.

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