The B-Circuit Wristwatch is Impressive

Not very long ago, wristwatch design was restricted to a round dial that told the time in Roman numerical. There were three hands that kept hours, minutes, and seconds; the three ‘musketeers’ went about in a clockwise manner.  Post the digital revolution, the round dial, and Roman numerical morphed into square-shaped dials and digital numbers. The time was now kept in a straightforward manner with blinking digits.

In the new millennium, wristwatches have abandoned all known design conventions that one usually associates with strap on watches. Wristwatches are seriously pushing the acceptable aesthetic envelope with obtuse angled dials and even more so with the absence of the all-important element of time keeping – numbers. Just how are we supposed to tell time, one wonders.

In the midst of all the extreme dials and eclectic designs, there is one new age design concept that promises to bring back some sanity of the good old days. Polish designer, Maciej Mandrysz, has a creative design concept that pushes the design envelope, but retains a past simplicity. Mandrysz’s design concept is titled ‘B-Circuit’ and is an innovative spinoff of an eclectic wristwatch called the B Version.

B Version has a narrow rectangular dial that has the hours, minutes, and seconds represented in three separate dials. All the three dials had just the essential numbers imprinted around them. The numbers 12, 6, and 9 around the hour’s dial; minutes are represented by the sole figure of 30; and the seconds dial has 2, 5, and 9.

B-Circuit Watch Design borrows the narrow rectangular dial and the three separate dials from its muse, the B Version, but goes beyond the original design with inspirational creativity. The dial of the B-Circuit is the same rectangular dial, but with a time telling display that will leave you seriously impressed. This innovative dial design could very well be the way time is kept in the future.

The mighty impressive B-Circuit dial features a circle in the center of the dial connected to five separate square units on its left and a 3×3 square grid on its right. The square units are supposed to be 10 minute clusters and that is why you have five of them. The square grid on the right indicates individual minutes. The circle at the center of the dial stands for hours.

The B-Circuit represents the new age wristwatch which is minimalistic in its design elements and is a visually arresting way to tell the time: the original function of a wristwatch.

To learn more about such amazing watch designs, make sure you check out The Word Watch and Unisex Watch Design.

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