The Geospace Jumparoo Anti- Gravity Pogo is Super-fun

Playing with the pogo stick always brings to the mind, an idea of fun and an innocent sort of liberation. Like running freely in an open stretch, the pogo sticks tend to boost your adrenaline and make you cheerful. Now if you were on the opinion that the pogo sticks were the ultimate rage, the Geospace Jumparoo Anti-Gravity Pogo takes it up notch. Scratch that. To a whole other level; brought out by Geospace International, it is the perfect gift toy to your child. Christmas, birthdays, good grades- whatever the reason, it is sure to keep him or her content and joyful.This wonder toy can jump up to two whole feet into the air and reinvents the classic high-energy pogo stick. This is thanks to the patented jumping jax technology that powers it, and the remarkable rugged rubber t-springs- also patented, putting it neck and neck with absolutely pleasurable anti-gravity pogo boots !

Watching your kids play with it, could entice you to play it too. And the Geospace Jumparoo Anti-Gravity Pogo allows anyone between about 66 lbs to 132 lbs to cut loose and have safe fun. Being an upgrade from the traditional pogo stick, it has an important safety feature addition- the wide base. This means, even if you jump around in a much uncoordinated, haphazard way, it is quite unlikely you or your kids will fall down, which could generally result in grave injuries if the surface is hard like concrete or littered with pebbles. Being an outdoors and playground toy, this wide increased-traction base is a very thoughtful advantage.

Besides safety, every parent is also worried about their child spending too much time indoors, ogling at the TV screen or ‘facebooking’. Children not getting enough fresh air or exercise are a common complaint and concern these days. The Geospace Jumparoo Anti- Gravity Pogo is sure to entice the children to spend this quality time of getting exercise as well as having fun. And if your child chooses to bounce away indoors, don’t fret yet. Your floors are safe. The wide base is not just a safety upgrade, but also non-marring. This way, there won’t be any ugly marks left behind on your otherwise scrubbed, shiny flooring.

The joy of owning the Geospace Jumparoo Anti-Gravity Pogo is unique. Anyone from a 4-year-old prankster to a fun-loving adult can be the happy owner of it. You ought to get it too. It’ll make you jump for joy, literally !

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