The Hose Nose Fun Candy Dispenser is Weird But Fun

Sweet, sugar-coated candies instantaneously evoke pleasant childhood memories when we lived without a care. I bet there isn’t a single person out there who has not had candy, in some form or the other, as a kid. Something about those sugary, transparent candies made us all chase them when we were growing up. One’s childhood years, perhaps, are spent with the single focus of attainting the next candy treat.

The world is an oyster for a person who loves candies. There are immeasurable types of candies invented to suit individual tastes and moods. How about a liquid candy which drips on your tongue from the heavens? A candy that you can have anytime when you are in the mood for a sugary treat. If you have ever wished for these, then your wish is about to come true.

Hose Nose is a unique candy dispenser that allows you to have liquid candy whenever you feel like it. What makes this candy dispenser an immensely fun thing is that it is shaped in the form of a human nose. The triangular shaped dispenser is so odd to look at that it is actually cool. The candy dispenser is party orange in color with circular dots covering the surface.


You would be forgiven if you think the Hose Nose is some kind of a nose mask. It actually looks like one. The surprising part, however, is that you really need to wear it over the nose in order to have your dose of candy.

In order to gain 24/7 access to delicious liquid candy, here is what you need to do. Get hold of a ‘Hose Nose Goo Candy Dispenser’ from After you tear away the protective packaging, strap on the Hose Nose firmly over your nose with the help of black elastic bands attached to the dispenser. Then, unscrew the shiny red cap attached to the top of the dispenser. You are now just one step away from tasting pure liquid candy.

After the cap is unscrewed, roll out your tongue as far as possible and gently squeeze the Hose Nose. Shiny strands of liquid candy will ooze down the dispenser on to your tongue and into your heart. The experience is nothing short of heavenly.

The Hose Nose Goo Candy Dispenser is the perfect item to greet tiny little trick-or-treaters on Halloween. The candy dispenser is available on for a neat $2.50.

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