The Lego USB – Yet Another Lego Accessory!

Okay, Lego stuff is in again! Recently, we have been seeing many Lego accessories. Last time, we reviewed the Lego car, then the Lego robot; and now, here is the Lego USB.

An amazing USB style for anyone who wants a fun USB device that can keep him amused in his leisure hours. And don’t worry you don’t have to literally construct the USB device with Lego chips. The main body of the USB is already intact, attached firmly to the USB device. Let us all just say that after a very long time we have seen a USB device design that actually excites us. I agree those Steampunk designs are cool too, but are they any good? I think not. They are heavy and giant-sized. Who would want to carry such a USB device to work?

But, this Lego USB device can be your sweetest USB device ever. Imagine carrying it along with you just about anywhere and playing around with it whenever you are bored, wouldn’t that be cool? It would be for sure, and everyone else out there would be wondering if they could have it to.

What can you do with it?

I don’t have any clues about the technical aspects of the USB drive. But, let us just assume that it comes with all the standard features. What more you can do apart from the technical aspects is that you can attach any Lego blocks to it and make something out of it. As shown in the picture, you can attach wheels and make it a super-car, or add anything else you want. In other words, it’s just any other Lego bricks with a USB device.

How would I rate?

8 out of 10? Is that fair? Although I want to rate it higher, honestly, without the technical information I simply can’t. So for now, I guess I will have to stick to give it a score of 8 with a heavy heart. Wish I had known more about this thing!

Nice job Cassio and we look forward to more of your designs! Good Luck!

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