The Luxor World Time For the Status Conscious

Mobile phones have become a necessity rather than an item of luxury. It is a little difficult to imagine going through a day without a cellphone by your side. The mobile phone may have become a common communicating tool, but every once in a while comes a phone that has the design aesthetic and superior sophistication of being a status symbol. The ‘Luxor World Time’ by Swiss luxury phone manufacturers, Gresso, is a status symbol. Over the years, the Swiss have built up a reputation of being master watchmakers with watches that are precise in its timekeeping and aesthetically pleasing in design. This watch making tradition of perfect form and function is finely reflected in the Luxor World time. When the luxury phone sits in your palm, it is easy to forget that the sophisticated piece is a mobile phone.

Luxor World Time has been hand crafted from a superlight titanium alloy that was developed exclusively for the Gressso phone.  It features a rich black finish which will last forever with a ceramic coating that is used in space shuttles. The ceramic coating prevents any kind of discoloration.

The casing of the high-end phone is classical in style. A noble bezel, crafted from planished steel, forms the aesthetic design of the phone giving it an artistic feel. Black PVD coating adds glamour to the finishing touch of the phone and genuine leather coating adds a generous dose of plush. The luxury, however, does not end here.

The back of the phone contains the Swiss symbol of precision and elegance – clocks. Luxor World Time has six clock dials located on its back panel that keeps the time of the big five cities- Tokyo, Moscow, Paris, London, New York- and the time of the local destination as well. The clock face features elegant Roman numerical finished with a high gloss coating and 97-carat sapphire crystals.

If the back panel has a traditional Swiss symbol, the front panel reflects modernist trends. Individual function keys have been made from a hand polished sapphire crystal with numbers and letters laser printed on the keys. The white numbers and letters against a black background makes for a striking contrast.

The Luxor World Time is all elegance and class, but it also features the latest in mobile technology with WAP, GPRS connectivity, and a 2 MP camera. This is a phone that would immediately set the owner apart from the crowd. Highly recommended for the status conscious.

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Via : Gresso

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