The Oskar Humidifier is Attractive and Environment-Friendly

The ordinary household humidifier is generally perceived as a functional household accessory that sprays drops of ‘healthy’ moisture into the physical space we inhabit. This helps to maintain the humidity levels in the room. It is important to maintain relative humidity levels as dry air can cause dehydration and respiratory infections.A humidifier has several health benefits; however, if not properly maintained, it could lead to the reproduction of dust mites and harmful molds. Maintaining a humidifier can be quite a task with the busy lives that we lead: Clean and replace the wick regularly, set the proper temperature and humidity level. Another downside to the regular humidifier is its power consumption, which would make any greenie (read environmentalist) see red.

If you are unhappy with the box-shaped humidifier clones that currently flood retail shops, the green-toned Oskar Humidifier should bring a smile to your face.

Crafted by Swiss designer, Matti Walker, the cube shaped humidifier is one of the best-looking humidifiers that you will lay your eyes on. Inspired by post-modern elements, the design aesthetic of the humidifier is made up of a neatly cut square box that rests on a steel colored square stand. Post-modern… aesthetic… design, are words one may not usually associate with a humidifier, but the Oskar Humidifier may just release the connoisseur in you as it did in this writer.

Matti Walker’s post-modern humidifier matches its drawl-inducing looks with eye-widening functionality.

An integrated hygrostat allows the cube shaped humidifier to maintain a near perfect humidity level in your room. Along with maintaining a healthy humidity level in the room, Oskar drives away stale odor by dispersing fragranced oil from a scented-oil container placed next to the filter. The Swiss designed humidifier can be extremely discreet when it wants to be; with a night mode function where it dims its LED display. All these impressive functions are achieved with a quiet, workman-like attitude without drawing any attention to itself.

The Oskar humidifier is good-looking, hardworking, and a very clever appliance. An ordinary humidifier consumes a lot of power and may continue to function even if there is no water left in its tank. Oskar consumes considerably less power and automatically shuts off when the water tank is empty. The green toned humidifier allows you to enjoy the benefits of clean, healthy air without feeling guilty about power consumption. The Oskar Humidifier is available at online retail stores and is priced at $149.

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