The Recumbent Bicycle

Folks who know about exercising bikes would know what exactly a recumbent exercise bike is. But I am sure they wouldn’t know what a recumbent bicycle is. Of course, how would they know when no one has ever seen one?

Yes, we can call Harley Davidson and similar bikes to be recumbent ones, but they still are far away from the actual concept. This recumbent bicycle you are seeing is actually what a recumbent bike would look like.

Don’t get the wrong picture, it’s not just the style factor here. Recumbent bikes are usually for seniors because they keep your legs and lower back at rest while riding them. That’s the philosophy behind a recumbent exercise bike, and the same is now applied here as well. This recumbent bike would sure be one great way of bicycling especially for longer trips.

What’s good about that concept?

If you look at the bicycle closely, you will notice that it has a curved back support to keep your back at ease while you ride.

On the other hand, the pedals are pretty far away from the seat to give the rider a good amount of stretch while riding. The legs of the rider would be straight while riding the bike which would be a lot more comfortable than on a normal bicycle. Right now, this bicycle is in its simplest form so you can’t really say how the ride would actually be. But, I am sure, once this model becomes successful, modifications will follow!

The concept was presented by Joseph A Goetschel and to be honest, he did a good job. The only thing I am wondering about right now is the balance factor. Recumbent positions are good for exercising bikes or tricycles. I wonder how the rider will be able to maintain balance in such a position. Maybe the model would need a bit of tweaking.

I personally think that the bicycle should have broader wheels. That way, in case the rider loses balance, he won’t fall off. Right now, the wheels look a bit too thin for maintaining balance.

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