The Smartphone Bicycles are Really Smart in their Features

If you ask me what is the eco-friendly means of transport today, my answer would be Smartphone Bicycle. No doubt every vehicle has its pros and cons, the same also holds true with Smartphone bicycle. Ecodrive cycle

Earlier, the bicycles were the cheapest mode of travel and include health features also. But with the coming up of the Smartphone Bicycle, it seems everything has changed, as it contains integrated lighting system, its signals can be controlled through handlebars and they are also equipped with GPS sytem thanks to Juil Kim, the designer who came up with a great idea.

Ecodrive cycle 2

On top of these eco friendly bicycles are integrated neatly with Smartphone and iPhone. No, no, not that you would be riding on the eco friendly bike and listening to your favorite songs or music while riding.  The main purpose of iPhone would be turning into a navigational tool while on the move, so you would be aware where are you going with the help of the maps.

Ecodrive cycle

Remember while riding on your old bicycle, what did you do to turn right or left? Yes, signaled through hand gestures, now in this Smartphone bicycle there is no need to do this, the turning controls are embedded in the handlebars with a battery in it. But right now the question is where would you put your iPhone while riding on the Smartphone bicycle, in your pocket?

Ecodrive cycle 4

Think twice, to solve this question you could find a beautiful cubby hole especially made for the iPhone. You can easily charge the same and in return iPhone would provide you GPS and other navigational abilities. So make up your mind and move, its the time to own a Smartphone Bicycle. Other products you may appreciate include touchscreen chess board and cool lightsaber lamp

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