The Steampunk USB Drive

A USB drive is a handy computer accessory. The finger length memory sticks allow the user to carry documents, videos, photos, and music in the convenient confines of their pockets. Earlier USB drives sported a high-grade plastic body, typically cylindrical in nature, which provided protection for the drive’s digital circuit. Nowadays, USB sticks have gone creative and edgy with their body designs.

The USB drive on display today is a very good example of a memory stick that isn’t afraid to show off its creative and edgy form while functioning like a pro. This particular USB stick borrows its design elements from a medieval age of brass and copper, and features motifs from a modern day counter culture. The title of this aesthetically appealing memory drive is ‘Steampunk Scorpion USB drive’.

The Steampunk Scorpion USB drive is a finger length USB drive protected by a hard brass body. The brass body has a fine coat of green patina on it, (patina is the texture on the surface of metals produced by oxidation), which gives the Scorpion USB drive an ancient and valuable aesthetic. A polished plate of copper is attached to the brass body of the drive. The copper plate has a finely detailed six-legged scorpion (its venomous tail is notably missing) carved on it.

The scorpion on the copper plate of the USB’s brass body performs a couple of important design functions. One is that the venomous creature provides a dark, edgy look to the USB drive. Second is that the body of the scorpion leads the eye of the viewer to a violet-colored circular amethyst that is situated right between the pincers of the four-legged creature.

Amethyst is a violet- colored variety of quartz that is often used in jewelry. The violet-colored quartz has an interesting bit of background to it. Ancient Romans and Greeks used to believe that an amethyst could reduce the effects of intoxication. Another myth associated with this violet-colored quartz is that it boosts memory.

Considering the memory boosting myth, the amethyst is probably not a bad thing to have on a memory stick. It also adds to the brass and metal charm of the Scorpion USB drive. Incidentally, the Steampunk Scorpion USB drive can store up to 4 GB of data.

Potential users would be pleased to know that the vintage brass body of the USB drive is covered in a protective layer of carnauba wax, which preserves it. Check out the Scorpion USB drive at

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