The Trike Roadster – Low Cost, High Styling!

What you see in these pictures is not any ordinary roadster but a Trike roadster! Of course, we all know that Shelby Cobra has been the most famous roadster of all time and no one can beat it; but that doesn’t mean the world ends at it, right?

Everyone loves Cobra but even the replica versions are way too expensive for a layman to buy. So, we need an alternative that is stylish, sleek, and low cost, don’t we?

I personally think we all do, and this Trike designed by Ian Nisbett is that alternative. It is a lightweight low cost roadster concept that can give you the ultimate roadster driving experience you would want. And, unlike most of the low cost roadsters, this one is extremely stylish, luxurious, and of course, comfortable.

This roadster Trike is based on a tubular and aluminum backbone chassis with bonded combined passenger pods. The designer says that the concept has been influenced by the Morgan three-wheelers from the 1920s and works in a similar way as well.

The Trike has the powertrain from the BMW motorbike boxer engine and sequential gearbox which is at the front. This way, the Trike creates a strong DRG (down road graphic) without requiring any additional body panels. Also, the Trike roadster encompasses simple race car seats which are bolted directly to the seat.

The Trike holds the luggage between the passenger pods within the backbone. It also has adjustable suspension with which the drivers can customize the driving experience based on their preferences. Moreover, this roadster can be modified and updated because of the backbone chassis. The driver would simply need to change the design of the side pods and the front cowl while keeping the chassis same.

If you really want to see how a low volume extreme roadster looks or feels like, then you should check this Trike out. Like I said, it’s lightweight yet stylish, and of course, low cost so you won’t need to spend your lifetime earnings on just one roadster. Good job Ian!

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Via: The Design Blog

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