Tokyoflash ON-AIR Makes Time Float Mid-Air?

If you are looking for an elegant and stylish companion for your wrist that’s also technologically advanced, then Bingo! You have hit the right spot. Presenting the Tokyoflash On-Air, a watch that makes time float mid air!?

TokyoFlash ON-AIR Makes Time Float Mid-Air-1

TokyoFlash ON-AIR Makes Time Float Mid-Air-2

Well, that surely seems utterly impossible when heard the first time, but a closer look at these pictures will clear your doubts. The completely transparent dial of this little devil consists of just a disc of glass and nothing else, wherein not even the mechanism of the fantastic gadget is visible. The time is shown in a rather minimal way with the LED lights showing the time in minutes in positions of the current hour. The display has dual functions and acts as a button to light and set the watch. A gentle push lights up the LED display; a push in the center of the dial for about 5 seconds makes the LEDs flash; and then, gentle pushes in the upper and lower corner sets the hour and those in the left and right corners would help in setting the minutes. The watch is designed to work on some nanotechnology, I guess.

TokyoFlash ON-AIR Makes Time Float Mid-Air-3

But Alas! Watch lovers and fashion fiestas alike would be disappointed to know that this brilliant piece of technology and style is still in its conceptual stages. The design, by the way, was submitted by Iskender Asanaliev. But I assure you that with the speed that this technology has been advancing, it won’t be long till you see this piece of gizmo out in the market.

Other cool watches that go hand in hand with this one are the Abyss Touch Screen LED Watch and Nike’s Vapor 300.

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