Tokyoflash Tokyo Groove: A Must-Watch For Fashion Fiestas

Tokyoflash, just the brand name is enough to make sure that the post is gonna contain some unusual, different, and cool watch. And sure enough, following the tradition, I present to you the Tokyo Groove, a watch design like no other.

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Tokyo Groove is a combination of some of the aspects of a typical Tokyoflash watch, which are linear design elements and glamour, and hence the name. This fantastic watch design in a combination of chrome black and red has been submitted by a guy called Devindh.

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One thing that sets this Tokyoflash watch from its comrades is the easy time reading method it employs. A duotone digital display in the center of the dial shows the minutes. 12 ‘cross bars’ around the minute display show the hour numerals. This was the first version of the watch called ‘quick-read’. For people who would like the Tokyoflash touch to remain can also opt for the second version wherein the hour numerals are replaced by simple pure colored tile for hour. Each hour has a different color tile.

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Also what appeals to me and what we haven’t seen in recent watch designs is the bracelet type watch strap. The thick strap of black steel gives the watch a tough and masculine feel to it. For people who already have their mouths drooling, the sad news is that the watch is still in its conceptual stages. But, mind me, with the speed with which technology is advancing, I bet that it wouldn’t take long before you can order one for yourself.

Other Tokyoflash watches that you might not wanna miss are the Tokyoflash On-Air and the Tokyoflash 2000200202, both of which give the one presented here a tough competition.

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