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I am sure that this is the board they had used to play chess in those Star Wars and Stark Trek times.”This will go so well with my lightsaber” said a young Luke, and Obi wan agreed. There are plenty of Electronic chess boards out in the open, but this particular one finally makes chess cool.

Samantha Oliveira, a designer, hailing from the City of God Rio de Janeiro, is the one responsible for designing this super slinky touchscreen chess board. At first look, it impresses with its sleek looks and soft edges. The color combo of white and soft gray has been proven to work very well, especially by the likes of Apple Inc., and it works here too. It keeps the background simple and unobtrusive. The use of colors louder or greater in number than these two would’ve resulted in a visual distraction away from the game.

Moving on to the usage, operating this device is terrifyingly simple. There is one on-off button on the side. When the button is at the ‘off’ position the screen looks blank, just like a laptop screen when it is turned off. Turn the button to the ‘on’ position, and you have an instant chess board. A smart move, as it will enable even old people with poor eyesight, or technically challenged people to jump right in to the action without having to workout complex instructions.

Once turned on, the chess board looks good. It’s a simple black and white board with grainy details coded in to give it a bit of an authentic feel. Present just below the on-off button is the USB port which I am assuming could be used to charge the device. It would be awesome if this device would have the option of exporting all the moves executed in a game to a PC in textual format via the USB port. However that information is not yet available on the product page.

There’s not much else to say about this device, it’s simple, has a cool futuristic look, and will be a good gadget to have at hand while sharing a fine malt with a fellow chess enthusiast.

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