Transformers Inspired Gadgets Turn Into Actionable Characters

Transformers, the biggest ever action-based films has won thousands of hearts worldwide, and that definitely gave rise to the production of transformer-themed products for its fans. Its characters and the plot create electrifying thrills of effects-driven mayhem. With increase in fan-based products, I am sure you can find a huge range of collections of toys for you kids’, like the Optimus Prime, or the Superion toys. So do you feel left out? Then there is a huge out-break for all the geeky fans, for the adult-based products are all ready for sale.

Transformer Inspired Gadgets
Transformer Inspired Gadgets (2)

These totally techie products, based on Transformers characters are just a piece of cake for all the adult-geeky fans. So if you have a computer at home, these gadgets are just perfect for you. Check out the 2GB memory flash drive. I guess this is the most basic accessory that everyone might have. But just adding a total bizarre avatar to this device, this USB is available for just $42.50, characterizing the Tigatron and Jaguar from Beast Wars.

Transformer Inspired Gadgets (2)

Also available are the 2 optical mouse transformers, Grimlock and the Dinosaur for $61.40 each with 3 buttons and turn able into action figures.. They are the most comfortable and stylish concepts you could ever dream of. Adding on to your collection is the 4-Port USB Hub, inspired from the Microman Sound, for just $61.40.

Transformer Inspired Gadgets (4)

This is the first ever concept where you can turn your gadgets into actionable figures! Check out some other awesome concepts like the Transformers Monopoly Board Game.

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