Ts-Tricycle – Keep Changing the Way you Ride!

Don’t we all want a bike that fulfills all our biking needs? Whether we have to go on a hi-speed chasing those bad guys out of the town, or we just want to have a sweet ride with our loved ones… we always have to change bikes. Of course, I would not go around buying a new bike every time I think of trying out a new biking style.

But, it still remains a wish to do everything out there. Jumping through the piled up bricks, speeding on the highway, and at times going on a smooth long ride alone… All are a biker’s wish. Luckily, maybe our wishes are about to come true with this Ts-Tricycle!

Although the tricycle looks more like a batman craft, for sure it is one bike that can serve all your needs. But don’t get too excited as this bike is just in its initial stages. Oh, I don’t mean initial stages of production. What I mean is that the bike is in its initial stages of being thought over. Yup, it’s just another concept design of how an all-rounder bike can look like. Well yes, I agree that it’s a bit sad to know but we (all the bike lovers) should pray hard for God to send down an angelic manufacturer who can make our dreams come true!

About the Ts-Tricycle:

According to the designer, Matias Conti, the bike was conceptualized and designed keeping in mind the biking needs of a biker. Biking needs? Yup, like I said every biker wants to have an all-rounder bike so that’s precisely what we are referring to here as ‘biking needs’. Anyways, this tricycle can transform into four different positions based on different biking styles. Position one shown in the picture is an easy going bike posture; Position two takes for mediocre speeders; Position 3 is what I like calling ‘the Batman hi-speed position’, totally meant for someone who wants to go on a swift; and finally Position 4 – well that’s a position that overtakes even Batman’s craft. That’s a totally laid down position, and once you are on it, you can sweep through the huge trucks, and make your way home even in heavy traffic jams. The parts of the vehicle in the center are able to spin which allows the rider to change the vehicle’s position.

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