Twistick- World’s Smallest and Fully Functional Corkscrew!

If you are a party animal then you should probably realize the worth of carrying a corkscrew around with you all the time. The usual ones available in the market are the ones in those bulky Swiss Army Knives, which are not at all handy to carry around, but probably the world’s smallest corkscrew might just interest you!twistick1Measuring only 6.6cm in length and o.9cm wide, this cool accessory has been tagged as the word’s smallest and fully functioning corkscrew! The Twistick, as they like to call it, comprises of a 4mm stainless steel bar that easily slides out through the center of your full size corkscrew helix. This cool gadget, selling for $8, is also keyring friendly, which means that you can team up your car keys with your cool new accessory.

When your cork needs some popping all you need to do is simply slide out the steel bar, thread it through the top of your screw section, make sure all your friends have a good look at your cool new keyring friendly cork popping gizmo and then go pop!!twistick2

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